PurMaple body wash will help relieve severe Eczema


Maple Soap is a truly fabulous soap, in my opinion.  It has been keeping my skin soft and nourished as well as cleaning effectively for several weeks.   I know that the high mineral content of maple sap is important for aging skin, and this product is unique and effective in maintaining my skin’s softness as well as keeping it moisturized well.

I highly recommend this product, as an amazing addition to your skin care regimen.  You will not be disappointed!

Lisa Pace, New Market. Ontario

It’s common knowledge that Soap dries your skin, but the

PurMaple product exfoliates, which moisturizes and softens the skin.

I have been using this amazing product for two months and have noticed a big difference in the softness and youthfulness of my skin.

Mary Morris, Thornhill Ontario

It’s common knowledge that Soap dries your skin

I have had eczema for years and it’s particularly bad in the winters. I haven’t had any eczema since using the maple body wash you sell.EmojiEmoji

Sarah – Brantford ON