Angelo Mantenuto and Alice Yang the two founders of Stix Brands International Inc. have been creating unique natural skincare products for many years and have developed leading edge cosmetic skin care products that are timely and needed for todays educated consumer.

They have discovered through many years of research and testing the ever-changing body care market and a world where personal care, hygiene and health have become top of mind for many people.

With thousands of chemicals in our water, air and in the foods, we eat, it is no wonder illnesses have become to its highest level in mankind’s history.

The creation of SoapStix a 100% natural portable hand wash spray skincare product was first introduced to the market 5 years ago and sold through fine health food stores.

The idea of people carrying around their own portable soap was unheard of, but in todays world of the uncertainty of the spread of germs and chemical-based contaminated public soap dispensers which are harmful to our health and the environment it is now vital to protect ourselves. A simple idea that could change the way people take care of their health and prevent getting sick.

Hand washing is the most effective way of killing germs. Portable protection when on-the-go!

During the past 2 years the research continued, and Angelo discovered the benefits of Pure Maple Syrup, not only to consume as a food, but to use and formulate an ingredient that would make the best solution for skincare of all types. Alice used the Maple Soap wash and it worked wonders for her skin. It helped heal and moisturized her skin and face. She then suggested to develop a Maple Body Wash that everyone could use and get the same results.

The benefits of 100% natural minerals and nutrients found in Maple Syrup and infusing it in our PurMaple Brand Hand & Body Wash has now been developed and available to the market worldwide.

We are excited at the discovery of Canada’s first Maple Hand & Body Wash, that will certainly help anyone with sensitive dry cracked skin and who suffer from eczema.

Discover the Miracle of PurMaple Hand and Body Wash.